Monday, August 13, 2012

Girl after my own heart

My girl loves shoes! She brings me shoes all day long and cries until I put them on her feet. I have a bin under her crib that has a bunch of shoes in it and she plays with that more than any of her toys. We got back from vacation on Friday and her bedroom door was closed to keep the dog out while we were gone. She stood in front of her door and squeaked until I opened it for her and she ran in and went right to the shoe box and pulled it out and started giggling and pulling out shoes.
One time when we were moving way back before kids.... Our friends
The Coffeys were helping us load the moving truck. Nathan tried to pick up a huge box almost bigger than him and it had "shoes" written across the box. He and Val couldn't believe I could own that many pairs of shoes and never let me live down the human size box full of shoes. I'm happy to say I think Elsie has inherited my love!